Renting Bicycles When On Vaca

By | September 25, 2016

Are you visiting Delhi for a vacation or some work? You might get fussed with the metro lines, bus routes or having an argument with the auto rickshaw drivers. Rent Set Go gives you an amazing opportunity to explore Delhi and get closer to the nature of Delhi by having a bicycle on rent in Delhi.

You can simply log in to Rent Set Go from your Facebook account, select your bicycle and enjoy your excursion of Delhi on bicycles. Rent Set Go provides you with an ample of options to select your bicycle. Starting from BSA, Hercules, FireFox and many more brands and their variants are available on rent in Delhi. Renting bicycles start from Rs 110 per day which is nothing if compared with the amount charged by an auto rickshaw to make you travel for 5 kilometers.

bike riding

You can simply take a bike on rent and plan your trips for the day! You can start with your bicycle and have a trip to India gate at night. Since it is a rented bicycle, you have to be a little careful while parking it. You can enjoy the Chuski and Paan from India Gate in the evening and enjoy with your friends by roaming around India Gate.

Once you rent your cycle in Delhi from Rent Set Go, you can even travel in the Lutyen’s Area. For people visiting Delhi for the very first time, all the area around India Gate covering PM House, Rashtrapati Bhawan and other important areas collectively is termed as Lutyen’s Area. The area is full of greenery, less of traffic and more of peace. Having a cycle on rent is the best thing you can have to roam here.

Now, since the time has changed and people actually do not have much space to park a bicycle at home, renting a bicycle is the most convenient option. Rent Set Go is a boon for people having the passion for riding a bicycle in Delhi. Simply rent online and say bye to buying.