How to Have a Great Destination Wedding on A Budget

By | September 25, 2016

destiniation weddingDestination weddings are a great way to start the honeymoon early. They can also be great for couples whose friends and family are all over the globe. Whatever your reason for choosing a destination wedding, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

Keep things simple.

You and your guest are spending lots of money getting to the wedding. Instead of adding lots of fancy decorations, you should pick a site that looks nice the way it is. Having one central location, such as a resort, where everything takes place can also help to cut cost and travel time. The fewer venues you have to rent, the less money you have to spend. If staying at a resort, you should also consider a partial buyout. If you pick a resort that has multiple wings and beaches you may be able to buyout a single wing and still avoid strangers intruding on your party. Include this on your invitations if you order from the I Vow To Thank invitations.

Let the little touches speak volumes. You might think that in our increasingly online world, skimping on invitations can save money, but it adds a nice touch to your important day. Having nice, well crafted invitations that can be used as a memento of the event can help cut down on costs. A great place to start looking for affordable boutique style invitations is I Vow To Thank. Instead of giving all the guests wedding favors, the invitations can be a keepsake. The invitation should not only look nice, but it should clearly explain when and where everything takes place.

Chose the time of your wedding wisely for traveling during off season times is a great way to cut costs. It can also help to ensure that you and your guests have the privacy that you want during your wedding. Avoid high travel times such as spring break and summer vacation. Not only will flights, rooms, and venues cost less, but there will be fewer people and more privacy. Off peak travel times also mean that you might have the opportunity to book places that normally require reserving years in advance.

After the honeymoon and the ride back you should give your guests appreciation cards for all the traveling. I Vow To Thank thank you cards has great bundles that can even match with your invitations.